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Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson submitted new legislation to city council to rewrite the city’s gun laws.

The new laws would target convicted felons and those who sell firearms, in an effort to combat gun violence in the city.

The mayor’s proposed gun ordinances include: creating a gun offender registry, where any person convicted of a gun offense, would have to register with police, to prohibit the sale or transfer of a gun to a known felon, require gun owners to report all lost or stolen firearms to police and limit the number of guns a person can purchase to one every 90 days.

“We’ve taken thousands of guns off the streets of Cleveland over the last eight and a half years. We work in partnership with law enforcement on all levels to take violent offenders off the street. And, we’ve added police officers to our gang unit to help address the problem,” said Mayor Jackson. “This legislation, if passed, will give us another way to attack the problem of gun violence in Cleveland and make Cleveland a safer place.”

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