When running a business, there are so many ways to market it.

From Social Media marketing to SEO, TV advertising to Digital Radio. That is all fine and good, and those tactics work! Although, those are all short and to-the-point ways of getting your message across. What happens when you want a more thorough and inclusive message? You start a business blog. You talk to your customers, and try to engage them; draw out their opinions and try to get them to reach out to you.

So what are the ways you can tell if your blog is working? Opened emails? Incoming phone calls? Your direct competitors losing business for seemingly unknown reasons?  This article from the Center for Sales Strategy talks about how to tell if your customer base is really into your blog, and in return, your business.

7 Ways to Know if Your Company’s Blog is Generating ROI

How can Radio One help your business’ ROI online?

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