The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority stopped service on a portion of the Rapid after rainfall flooded the tracks and damaged a retaining wall on Sunday.

The section of a wall collapsed inside a tunnel at the Buckeye Woodhill Station.  Debris was left on the tracks, forcing the RTA to stop running the blue and green line trains between Tower City and Shaker Square.

A tornado warning was temporarily issued in Cuyahoga County where the storm quickly developed.

“Oh, that was a mess, but I’m glad I was in the house,” said Vonita Burrage from Cleveland.  Marcus Mason was also startled by the storm.  “When it started, I just heard a boom – a real big boom.”

While the storm knocked out power and did scattered damage in Northeast Ohio, the impact on the RTA continued to be felt on Monday.

“We know it’s inconvenient when the tracks close down and the trains close down. We don’t wanna do it anymore than anyone else but sometimes we just have to,” said Mary Shaffer, an RTA spokesperson.

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