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Rapper HeeSun Lee released her album “Stereotypes” on the recently launched In My City Records label earlier this year and is buzzing in the hip-hop community.

The female MC already has an impressive resume that boasts songs with infamous battle rapper Jin and respect from well-known peers such as Andy Mineo. She’s currently working on some new music and recently took the time out to speak with The Christian Post where she shared her views on the “Christian rapper” label and female rappers as role models.

Christian Post: How long have you been involved in hip-hop, and how long has your faith been a part of your music?

HeeSun Lee: That’s a funny question because [an old collaborator] sent me the first song I ever recorded [recently]. That was actually in 2002. It’s been about 12 years. I always wrote poetry and loved writing. I guess you could label it Christian, [but it was more] about everything I was going through. [Eventually I started talking about God more. But my faith was a part of my music from] the beginning.

CP: How did your collaboration with MC Jin come about?

HL: I did a song called “I’m a Christian” that had various artists on it and the producer on there is a good friend of mine. I don’t know how Jin heard the song, but he actually [ended up] loving it. This is when he first became a Christian and he didn’t really hear [too much] Christian hip-hop. He contacted the producer of the song and gave him props. He even shouted me out. I was in total shock. The producer told me about that and I was like wow, maybe I should try and get him on a song. The producer gave me Jin’s email so I emailed him. He actually did write back to me and told me he was more than willing to do a song. Everything that I thought he could have been, he wasn’t. He was so humble!

We actually did a song that I didn’t use and we recorded “I Break Stereotypes” a few years later. He’s probably one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met in my life. I was so supportive of him [when he was huge on the battle rap scene] and to know that we’re friends now doing songs together is crazy!

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