Know Where to Buy

Whether you’re buying organic or simply trying to find affordable fresh foods, where you purchase from can make all the difference. Look to retailers such as Trader Joe’s, your local farmers market or Super Walmart to find below average prices for fresh veggies and packaged grains that you won’t find at your typical grocer. Walmart recently expanded their health food offerings thanks to a partnership with Wild Oats, which means that you can get great organic products for at least 30% less than comparable items. Search your area for the most affordable retailer and use them as your go-to resource for organics.

Shop in Season

You don’t need to eat the same produce year round. If you explore new recipes and only buy fruits and vegetables that are in season, you will save money. Vegetables that are in season will cost less than when they aren’t, so learn what is freshest when and start planning. Also, don’t feel restricted to buy a specific type of produce. Just because kale is all the rage doesn’t mean you need to eat it to be healthy. If it’s more cost effective to buy spinach, select this green instead. Try to find produce that maintains the nutrients of your first choice and add it to your next salad or pasta dish.

Buy Frozen Produce

For out-of-season vegetables, or to incorporate a necessary ingredient in your favorite meal, think frozen. Frozen produce and meat is an excellent way to buy large quantities of healthy food that won’t go bad and can feed an entire family. You can use frozen fruit in smoothies or quickly heat up corn or broccoli as a quick side dish for your little on.

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