This past Sunday morning was beyond normal at the House of Hope in Decatur, GA!

In the midst of Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr. ministering the sermon a man’s heart stop beating. It caused alarm in the area where the gentleman was sitting and Dr. Dewey noticed it from the pulpit.

He began to commission the church to pray for the medical emergency. The man’s heart stop beating for over 10 minutes and he was classified as dead upon 911 arriving. The church began to pray and Dr. Dewey was determined this man that was later discovered to be a visitor would NOT die in the House of the Lord. Dr. Dewey began to pray and the Saints began to pray… as you will see in the video Dr. Dewey spotted them bringing in an IV which he declared meant, “I am Victorious”. This young man was not a member of House of Hope, but decided to visit with his family this past Sunday.

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check out the powerful video below at the church service: