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Makeup brushes are our tools for facial beauty, but if not kept clean they can also be our skin’s demise. Here is a simple recipe to keep your brushes bacteria and dirt free


  • Dish soap (disinfects and cleans)
  • Extra virgin olive oil (reconditions bristles)
  • 1 plate


  1. Pour the dish soap onto the plate (enough to cover half the plate).
  2. Add extra virgin olive oil. The ratio should be approximately 2 parts dish soap to 1 1/2 parts EVOO.
  3. Take your first brush and stir it in the mixture in a circular motion (makeup will start to break up on plate).
  4. Wipe the brush back and forth on your hand to release the makeup from the brush. This removes all the pigments and kills the bacteria.
  5. When you’re done, place the brush on a paper towel.
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 with the remainder of your brushes.
  7. Once you’ve cleaned all your brushes, you’ll need to rinse them off under warm water in the sink. Swirl the brush under the water into the palm of your hand to thoroughly clean it off. (Note: Do not use hot water. The high temperature will damage your brushes).
  8. Continue to rinse until the water is clear when you squeeze the brush.
  9. Once they are all rinsed clean, gently wipe them dry with a paper towel and blot out the excess water. Regular paper towels work best because they will not leave lint on the brushes.
  10. You can leave the brushes laying down to dry or even better you can hang upside down to dry. Never place them right side up to dry. The water will ruin the glue that is keeping the bristles adhered


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