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So, you have a proper beauty routine and stick to it? You do everything by the books? You probably haven’t a worry in the world when it comes to your skin. Well think again. You are probably committing several of the biggest skin sins out there. Find out below:

1. Washing you face under the showerhead 

Though the warm water streaming down your face may feel relaxing, its not good for your skin. In fact, it’s damaging. The water pressure is a bit too strong for your delicate face. Never let the water directly hit you in the face, as this causes microscopic abrasions. Always let the water run into you hands and then wash over your face with a splash. Your skin will thank you later.

2. Using your Clarisonic on the first cleanse

Never use a cleansing device on your face first. Double cleansing your face is an awesome part of your regimen, but you must get the steps right. Your first cleanse should be with a gentle cleanser only using your hands. A cleansing device could actually push the dirt further into your pores if it isn’t removed prior to usage.

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