A trip on the Good Time III can show more than a beautiful sunset on Lake Erie. It shows off the latest waterfront development plans, from proposed housing, offices and shopping near FirstEnergy Stadium, to a plan to connect the Port of Cleveland to Europe.

“It’s an exciting time in Cleveland right now. There is so much going on, it’s a good time to be here,” said developer Sam McNulty.

In an attempt to reclaim its heritage, Cleveland is not only further developing its waterfront, but linking it together.

To start with, a planned $20 million pedestrian bridge will connect Mall C to the North Coast Harbor near the Rock Hall. Additionally, construction will begin soon that will include building several restaurants and a hotel.

There’s also a plan to link the Towpath Trail and Canal Basin Park to Rivergate, which is the Metropark’s first downtown park where hundreds of rowers gather.

“Things are really happening. I think it took a little time and momentum and now the clog on the wheel has been set and now it’s just a matter of time for these other great projects,” said Metroparks CEO Brian Zimmerman.

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