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Faith based Hollywood film ‘Left Behind’ is set to release October 3 in theaters and a recent video revealed that it was not the $15 million dollar budget that inspired “A list” actor Nicolas Cage to take the lead role, but it was his brother Mark, who’s a Pastor

In a 30 second clip posted on Facebook, Cage talked about what really inspired him to take on playing the lead role of Rayford Steele.

“My brother Mark is a Pastor, and he was the one that really wanted me to do this,” Cage confessed, “‘He kept saying Nicky I really think you should make this movie.’ It’s a great series of books

.”Cage went on to say that while reading the script he and his brother would discuss the content. “He was the one who inspired me to look at it, I would talk with him about it and clearly he is very immersed in all this so that was interesting and he was excited about it,” he said.

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