Screen Grab Faith based Hollywood film ‘Left Behind’ is set to release October 3 in theaters and a recent video revealed that it was not the $15 million dollar budget that inspired “A list” actor Nicolas Cage to take the lead role, but it was his brother Mark, who’s a Pastor In a 30 second […]


Actor Nicolas Cage recently spoke out about his attitude towards life in Hollywood and his experiences as an “outsider.” “I’m proud of the chances I’ve taken,” the star of the new “Left Behind” film, told Britain’s Times Magazine. “They haven’t all worked, but I had a concept and I’ve pushed for it. It’s probably annoyed […]


“I just want you to be ready,” a pleading mom states in the first teaser trailer for the upcoming movie “Left Behind.” “Ready for what?” her daughter asks. Fans of the “Left Behind” book series, which to date has sold more than 63 million copies, know the answer to the daughter’s question is the Rapture, a […]


(PHOTO: FACEBOOK/THE OFFICIAL – LEFT BEHIND MOVIE) Actor Nicolas Cage portrays the character Captain Rayford Steele in the new “Left Behind” movie headed to theaters in 2014. “Left Behind,” the new rapture-inspired disaster movie starring Nicolas Cage, will be released in theaters Oct. 3 for U.S. audiences, according to a new teaser trailer from the […]

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Actor Nicolas Cage will reportedly star in what producers hope will be a new new, improved movie version of the best-selling, end-times thriller Left Behind. The project is being developed by Cloud Ten Pictures, which released the first film adaptation of the book in 2000, following it with two other installments from the successful series of novels […]