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Erica Campbell, one-half of the Grammy Award-winning gospel music duo Mary Mary, recently sparked some dialogue on Twitter about the importance of a wedding ring.

Campbell, 42, decided to question her Twitter followers about the value they placed on a wedding ring.

“Awesome convo about Love vs. status. Would you care if your engagement ring was from Costco,” she questioned on Twitter. “What if the quality is excellent? Costco has top of the line items, I actually shop there often! Not for jewelry but ijs.

Campbell went on to question people who needed to boast about where their wedding rings came from.

“Who tells where there ring is from? Why would you tell it,” she asked Twitter followers. “To be impressive? If the ring is Tiffany but value of the relationship is .99.”

The singer said she believed love should take precedence over status.

“You still Lost.. Love over Status!! I know how to live whether I have $ or not. And still have confidence in my relationship,” she wrote. “Many ppl have $$$ weddings and relationship is crappola! Ijs focus on the love and God’s design for your relationship not what ppl think..(SIC)”

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