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Dr. Bobby Jones has the longest continuous running original series on cable television, which he said does not come without challenges.

Jones, 75, recently returned to BET for the 34th year of his show, “Bobby Jones Gospel.” Since the show airs at 9 a.m. ET on Sunday mornings, many people who would tune in are attending their respective church services.

For this reason, Jones hopes that his program can garner a prime time slot, which has not proved to be an easy feat.

“I think that’s a consistent challenge to ensure that we’re on at an appropriate time for all of the audience to be able to catch us other than being able to DVR it,” Jones told CP. “I’m not saying 9 a.m. is not prime time, but a lot of people are in church 9 a.m. I probably would like to see an evening show on Sunday.”

Still, the host of two gospel television and radio shows who started on BET when the network formed in 1980 has faith that enables him to continue his duties on “Bobby Jones Gospel.”

“My faith has kept me there because I understand that faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. I quote those passages and do that with an understanding, so I know that faith is essential for anything to develop,” Jones told CP. “In the Christian world you must have faith, so I understand that. That’s how it undergirds my ability to go forth in that manner.”

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