This may be Northeast Ohio, but residents need reminders when it comes to the colder temps. Andy Fiffick, General Manager atRad Air in Cleveland listed the top five tips to make sure your vehicle is winter ready.

He did it in less than a minute. First up: wiper blades.

“You can go with a new type of wiper blade that works really well. Beam blades too. You just have to make sure they’re soft and pliable and shimmy across the windshield,” said Fiffick.Next on the list was headlights.

“You have to be seen and see in the winter so all your lights have to work,” Fiffick said.

Fiffick then moved on to tires, one of the most important things for winter readiness.

“You need to have good tread on your tires so you can stick to the road and the ice and the slush,” he explained.

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