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Preachers of LA cast joins the cast of ‘The Real’

“Preachers of LA” stars Pastors Jay Haizlip, Pastor Wayne Chaney and Oxygen docu-series executive producer Minister Deitrick Haddon recently opened up about what they believe to be preacher’s right to be materialistic.

The three preachers will join the cast of the daytime talk show “The Real” on Wednesday. When one of the show’s hosts Adrienne Bailon questioned the preachers about people not feeling comfortable with their having “fancy cars and huge houses,” they each responded candidly.

Haddon, also known for being a singer-songwriter, said he believes preachers have a right to drive what they desire.

“What’s wrong with that? A man deserves to drive what he can afford,” Haddon said on the show Wednesday. “If you worked hard, you deserve it. Now I think people have a problem when the pastor is driving a Bentley and there is a leak in the church ceiling.”

“People have been victims of bad leadership out there,” he added.

Pastor Chaney of Antioch Church of Long Beach, Calif. spoke about God opening up new doors for preachers.

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