So are you going somewhere for holidays? The Automobile Association of America says more than 98 million of us will travel more than 50 miles during the year-end season. It’s the highest number ever. So you can expect some traffic nightmares. But here’s a way to help you avoid them.

Vicki Brooks says she and her family are doing everything they can to get down south to family for the holidays as quickly and safely as possible.

“We make lots of lists. From food, to things to do on the way, to the clothes we’re going to need. Things like that,” she says.

They get directions from Google Maps to be on the safe side.

“It’s just the one route. There aren’t a lot of ways to go on interstate,” Vicki says.

But the app can do a lot more than get you to your destination.

“If you keep it updated, you can even avoid traffic delays, wrecks, you can avoid lots of problems to get you where you’re going hopefully as fast and as safely as you can,” says Tom Hairford of IIHS Investigations, a safety and technology company.

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