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The parents of Tamir Rice held a news conference Tuesday to address the fact that the investigation into their son’s shooting death by Cleveland police had been transferred to the Cuyhoga County Sheriff’s Office.

“It doesn’t matter if the sheriff or the prosecutor is over this, what me and his dad and our family is worried about is there gonna be held accountable for our son’s murder,” Tamir’s mother, Samaria Rice, said in her brief statement.

Also in attendance at the news conference was Tamir’s father, Leonard Warner, who did not speak, and several lawyers and community activists.

“Even though the investigation has been transferred, we are cautiously optimistic that it will be a thorough, fair investigation into the death of Tamir Rice,” said attorney Benjamin Crump. ” And we sincerely hope it answers some questions that these parents have about the untimely death of their child.

Lawyers reiterated their position that they don’t believe a grand jury is necessary, saying there is enough probable cause to charge Timothy Loehmann “without a secret proceeding.”

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