Surrounded?: French police believe the terror suspects from the Charlie Hebdo shooting are surrounded in a town northeast of Paris. A massive police presence is in the area. A French member of parliament says the suspects have told police they’re ready to die as martyrs.


Possible pings: Divers are preparing to investigate underwater pings that may be coming from the flight recorders of AirAsia Flight QZ8501, Indonesia’s military chief said today. An Indonesian search vessel had earlier detected the pings, said Gen. Moeldoko, the head of Indonesia’s armed forces. Batteries that send out the pings last 30 days. It has been 13 days since the AirAsia plane fell into the sea with 162 people on board.


The joke’s on who?: In a rare reference to the sexual assault allegations against him, Bill Cosby told a woman attending his comedy show that, “you have to be careful about drinking around me.” The comment came during an otherwise lighthearted moment in his standup show last night in London, Ontario, as a woman near the front row got up to go get a drink and Cosby asked her where she was going. The remark is likely to anger his accusers who have demanded he respond to the allegations of sexual abuse against him.

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