Lone wolf: An Ohio man has been arrested for allegedly plotting to attack the U.S. Capitol. Christopher Lee Cornell, 20, came to the FBI’s attention several months ago for alarming social media posts in which he talked about his support for violent jihad, according to a criminal complaint. He was plotting, with an undercover FBI operative, to set off pipe bombs in the Capitol and shoot people as they fled, the complaint said. Cornell and the operative allegedly met in Cincinnati in October and again in November. A source says the plan posed no threat to lawmakers.


That didn’t last long: Another million copies of the latest issue of Charlie Hebdo will be back on Paris newsstands this morning after selling out the day before. Three million copies were sold in the initial run, which may now be expanded to 5 million. It’s the first time the French satirical magazine has been published since last week’s rampage that killed 12 people and wounded another 11. The cover features a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed crying. Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has claimed responsibility for last week’s rampage.


A new first: ISIS finds another way to shock us in one of its latest propaganda videos. A boy with a pistol appears to execute two men who are accused of being Russian spies. The theatrically produced video is called “Uncovering an Enemy Within.” CNN cannot verify the authenticity of the video, but it appears to be the first time ISIS has shown a child carrying out an execution. In earlier ISIS videos, the boy named Abdullah says that he’s from Kazakhstan and wants to grow up to kill “infidels.” ISIS has used shocking imagery of children in the past. In August, a 7-year-old Australian boy held a man’s severed head.

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