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Body cameras will begin rolling on Cleveland police officers next Wednesday in one part of the city, and every district will have them as part of standard uniforms by June.

Tuesday night residents of the city’s Fourth District heard how the cameras will work, when they will stop rolling and their ability to opt out of being recorded.

A few facts from the community meeting we found interesting:

— Cameras will shut off when officers are in the following places: police cruisers, during undercover operations, court proceedings, sporting events, dressing rooms, bathrooms and other areas where a reasonable expectation of privacy is expected.

— Officers will “dock” their camera in an ingestion station after each shift — where it will be uploaded to a server. Supervisors will regularly “spot-check” videos to make sure protocol is met and the cameras are not shut off when they aren’t supposed to be.

— Recordings related to murders and sexual assaults will be kept permanently, misdemeanors kept one year and traffic stops kept 180 days.

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