Roland Martin and NewsOne Now took one last look back at the year that was with the NewsOne Now Memorable Moments Special. Check out a few of those moments below. Controversial Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke Talks Black Lives Matter, Racist Cops, & More In a highly contested and confrontational interview, Roland Martin, host of TV One’s […]

Alabama DMV Closings Limiting Access To Photo ID, Affects Ballot Via Voter ID Laws Alabama state officials’ decision to close 31 driver’s license offices in what is known as the “Black Belt” has raised the eyebrows of many, with some calling it an attempt to suppress the African-American vote through limiting access to state IDs and […]

In a highly contested and confrontational interview, Roland Martin, host of TV One's NewsOne Now, and Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke discussed Clarke's views on the Black Lives Matter movement.

Mayor Frank Jackson, Safety Director Michael McGrath and Chief of Police Calvin Williams are launching an electronic survey to encourage feedback from the community about the police body camera system. The Division of Police acquired Taser body cameras this year and the implementation of the system is well underway with three of the five neighborhood districts […]

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott was a participant in Tuesday’s Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on Crime and Terrorism and discussed the need for body camera use…

Cleveland Police body camera training is now on-going for officers in the city’s second district. More than 200 officers will get the body cameras over the next two days. The training marks the second of five police districts to receive body cameras. Cleveland’s fourth police district started using the uniform mounted cameras back in early […]

The Cleveland Police Department is delaying their deployment of body cameras, according to sources. A source confirms to that Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson believes there isn’t enough accountability fail safes and specific guidelines for body cam usage. The City of Cleveland says it’s not delaying the deployment of the body cameras — but that […]

  Cleveland Police have long been behind the curve in camera technology to record what police encounter and how they respond to it. But after two years of trials, testing and negotiating, Wednesday the first Cleveland Police officers wearing body cameras were to hit the streets in the Fourth District. Police Chief Calvin Williams told […]

  Body cameras will begin rolling on Cleveland police officers next Wednesday in one part of the city, and every district will have them as part of standard uniforms by June. Tuesday night residents of the city’s Fourth District heard how the cameras will work, when they will stop rolling and their ability to opt […]

    1,500 Cleveland Police Officers will soon be equipped with body cameras, according to city officials. The cameras were purchased from TASER International. TASER AXON cameras are small, yet highly visible, and can be attached securely to sunglasses, a cap, a shirt collar, or a head mount. They are powered by a pocket-size battery […]

The Cleveland City Council approved a $1.6 million plan to buy body cameras for city officers on Monday. The money will be used to outfit 1,000 police officers with the cameras. With three officer-involved shootings in the last 30 days, Cleveland Councilman Zack Reed said the cameras are needed to give the public a clearer […]

  How long will it be before Cleveland Police start wearing body cameras? Some local leaders complain it’s taking too long. Cleveland Police won’t wear body cameras until some time early next year. We’ve been hounding City Hall to find out what’s going on since police tested the cameras this summer. Activists, local leaders, even […]