This one may start off like it’s just for the fellas, but ladies I think you can find a seat in the car as well. Let’s go!

It was a year into my marriage with Tammy. Still honeymooning, all lovey dovey, and beaming with that newfound boy meets girl type of romance. One day, Tammy and I were out to eat at a pretty nice restaurant, when a very attractive young lady walked past our table right in the middle of our conversation. Whatever Tammy was talking to me about, her voice suddenly changed into the teacher on the Charlie Brown cartoon.

The spirit of ADD attacked my mind, the focus of my eyes left the beautiful bride in front of me and turned to this mean horrible lady who shouldn’t have worn such a sexy dress and sweet smelling perfume. How dare she steal my attention from the woman of my dreams! It was her fault that I was about to get the worst thrashing in my twelve month covenant to Mrs. Franklin. Tammy stopped talking as she noticed my attention had turned to the young lady that had passed, began to roll her neck and suck her teeth like only a sista is gifted by God to do.

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