On what is proving to be a busy week for Lecrae, the rapper made an appearance at the White House today, and will also be on ‘Good Morning America’ will the start of his tour

The Anomaly rapper will also be on ‘Good Morning America’ on Thursday April 9 at 7 a.m. EST to perform his hit song “All I Need is You.” The appearance will celebrate and help kickoff the second leg of the Anomaly Tour which starts that night at the Best Buy Theater in NY, NY.

Lecrae admitted in a recent interview with BREATHEcast, that the next group of shows would be a bit different than the last leg of the AnomalyTour.

“We did 30 cities on the first leg, and were able to just see some of the things people really enjoyed or some of the things that may have been good ideas but didn’t really flesh them out,” he said. “So this go around we get to just revamp it, and highlight some of the stuff we saw people really enjoy.”

He would not reveal anything specific and said, “You gotta show up…it’s an experience.”

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