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Rapper and pastor Trip Lee, who ministers under the name Trip Barefield at his Washington D.C. church, recently commented on pop culture and what role it plays in the perception of black men in America at the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission’s Leadership Summit that took place on Friday, March 27 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Barefield, who sat on a panel that featured pastor David Prince of Ashland Avenue Baptist Church in Lexington, Kentucky, worship singer Robbie Seay, and pastor Jason Cook of Iron City Church in Birmingham, Alabama, titled “Pop-Culture and Racial Reconciliation: Hip-Hop, Sports, And Everyday Life,” commented on hip-hop’s role in reflecting and shaping black culture.

Barefield explained how the music basically does a bit of everything including reflecting inner-city culture as well as shaping it in mostly negative ways. He also talked about rappers using their environment to justify the things they rap about. He also challenged the notion, however, by saying that a lot of these artists use their music to encourage people to continue in the negative things they see.

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