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On the third day after Jesus’ death, the early-morning sun rises over Jerusalem. A new dawn has arrived.

Mary Magdalene sneaks away from the safe house and hurries through the marketplace, eager to make it to Joseph’s tomb. Once she arrives, she stops dead in her tracks. The tomb is open, with nothing inside but the shroud Jesus wore on the cross, left perfectly folded. She must go back and tell the others. Out of breath, she returns to the safe house to wake Peter and John. “It’s happening,” she whispers, wide eyed.

Exhausted and distressed, Caiaphas sits in his office with Reuben and the other Temple guards, who try to explain what happened in the night – the warrior Angel broke the seal and moved the massive stone by itself. Caiaphas doesn’t believe a word they say – the Nazarene’s followers must have raided the tomb in an attempt to fake a resurrection – but he cannot allow the guard’s account to form a dangerous rumor within the city. He gives them strict orders to say they fell asleep on duty if asked, and hurls a pouch of coins at them. “I never want to see you again,” he says with fire in his eyes. Caiaphas instructs Reuben to find Jesus’ body immediately, and once the corpse is found, he will hang it outside the city walls so everyone knows once and for all, Jesus is dead.

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