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Worship music seems to go hand in hand with Sunday morning church services, and often times people, more specifically “young people,” grow tired of the same songs every week. Although Christians are supposed to use praise and worship as a time to open their hearts to God, it can be kind of hard if the person cannot get behind the music. So for those that are suffering from worship music boredom, BREATHEcast decided to compile a short list of just a few people who can get you excited to lift your hands again.

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Where do we start with Kings Kaleidoscope? These guys and girls sure do know how to make fantastic inventive music. Consisting of 10 members, including lead vocalist Chad Gardner, K.K. stretches the limits of what people consider worship in every direction. The band has a sound that is entirely unique to them, and features an array of instruments aside from the standard guitars, bass, piano, and drums. The band includes violin, accordion, cello, flute, and trumpet, even trombone, all perfectly layered together into a wall of sound that brings vibrancy and life to each song.

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