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Gospel star Tina Campbell, formerly of the music duo Mary Mary in which she performed with her sister Erica Campbell, has quashed suggestions that there is now a rivalry between her and her sibling since they both embarked on solo music careers.

Campbell,41, released her debut solo album “It’s Personal” and book “I Need A Day To Pray” May 7. Her sister Erica Campbell released her own solo debut album “Help” last March and received a number of awards for the project, including a Grammy award.

Since Tina is beginning her own journey into solo music territory, a number of people have been comparing the sisters on social media and suggested there may be an ongoing rivalry. Tina however has made it clear that the sisters are nothing but loving and supportive of each other’s solo work.

“Erica and Tina are each others biggest supporters. We are the best of sisters,” Tina told Parlé magazine when asked about the suggestions. “We love each other, we ain’t in competition with each other. I’m not Erica, I’m not trying to be Erica, she’s not me, she’s not trying to be me.”

She further suggested that people stop comparing them.

“The world can put us in competition with each other and do all those things but I would suggest that they don’t because that’s not our truth,” Tina told the magazine. “We’re real sisters who really support each other.”

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