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Hundreds of women and children rescued from the Islamist militant group Boko Haram are now in military custody, the BBC reports.

The Nigerian army has relocated at least 260 survivors and transported them from a camp in north-eastern Yola to a military facility, the site writes. The location of the facility has not been released.

The women will receive medical help and support as part of their rehabilitation process, the BBC has learnt. The government is said to be worried that some women may have been radicalised while in captivity. Camp officials said there were suspicions some of the women had been communicating with militants.

They will be housed at the military facility under the Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Programme which is part of the government’s so-called “soft approach” to combating terrorism.

Since February, the Nigerian army — with the help of soldiers from Cameroon, Niger, and Chad — has rescued victims of Boko Haram kidnappings in a number of towns.

However, the group, known for their dissent of western education, is still responsible for violent attacks that kill thousands a year.



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