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A young African prays with a bible during an outdo

Source: ODD ANDERSEN / Getty

The Bible is an awesome adventure, introducing precious eternal teachings within specific historical contexts. Through its pages readers find universal principles dramatically revealed in extraordinary human persons. God’s eternal principles always matter, and so do specific timely moments of Divine action within people’s lives.

Probably 75% of the Bible is narrative. Jesus taught using dozens of stories, and those splendid stories are also part of the Gospel Story of his life, ministry, death, resurrection, additional teaching, and ascension. In fact, the Bible includes scores of multi-storied stories —layered and internally supported like multi-storied buildings. For example, there is the story in Luke 24 in which (1) two disciples telling the “stranger” Jesus about recent events, when (2) Jesus interprets those events in terms of the Old Testament stories, and when the two disciples figure out what happened, they run back to Jerusalem to (3) tell their story of how they walked and talked with the resurrected Jesus and what he said, all part of the (4) resurrection narrative, in the (5) Gospel According to Luke, part of the (6) Greatest Story ever told, integral to the Lord’s own (7) sovereign unfolding of history, “His-Story.” That would be a seven-story story!

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