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We’ve all watched the humiliating videos of parents “teaching their kids” a lesson by giving them “old man” haircuts.

And while they’ve garnered tons of attention online, the haircuts are a pretty embarrassing and extreme way to discipline children. Now, a Florida father is gaining attention for taking shaming videos to another level. His discipline trick? Don’t publicly shame your kids online at all.

Disgusted with the way parents utilize social media to discipline their children, Wayman Gresham posted a parody hair cut video that, as of Monday, garnered more than 19 million views on Facebook.

In an interview with ABC, Gresham said he “hopes that it’s something that will stick and people will remember that hey, you know, there’s another way of reaching this child.”

The video starts off with Gresham preparing to teach his son a lesson.

“I don’t teach my son to mess up in school, I don’t teach him to do what he wants to do, I don’t teach him to be a fool. But I give my son everything. And when it’s time to do the right thing I expect for my son to not forget what he has learned,” he said in the video.

After citing the embarrassing old man cuts, Gresham says he decided to follow suit, raising the clippers to the boy’s head. But in a positive twist, Gresham puts down the clippers and embraces his son in a hug.

“There’s no way in the world I would ever embarrass my son like that,” Gresham said. “Good parenting is showing them the way by example.”

Amen. You can watch the powerful video above.



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