via BlackAmericaWeb: Having fun with everyone is the way to go to make the mood more exciting! If you and your partner are finding yourself drained from working and trying to entertain your kiddos, are some ways to make indoors fun for you and the family: Set up a treasure hunt. Setting up a treasure […]

via fox8cleveland: Elmo, Rooster and Cookie Monster are doing their part to help keep kids safe as the coronavirus pandemic grinds on. The beloved Sesame Street Muppets are featured in some of four new animated public service spots reminding young fans to take care while doing such things as washing hands and sneezing. CLICK HERE […]

via BlackAmericaWeb: We’ve been all hit by The COVID-19 Virus and it is hitting many people that have children the hardest. Given that anxiety was already among the most common mental health problem in kids before the COVID-19 pandemic, what can parents do to help keep this problem at bay? Childhood anxiety scholar Mirae J. Fornander outlines strategies […]

Source: LumiNola / Getty via madamnorie/  By Jazmine Denise: Prior to teaching middle school, I had a very simplistic outlook on children who misbehave in school. I believed that children act out because they want to and that the best approach to correcting unwanted behavior is discipline. However, after spending a few years in the classroom, I […]

viaEEWMagazine/EEW Magazine Online // Literacy // Causes: In parenting…reading plays a vital role in our children’s development… To help EEW Magazine Online readers see the importance of literacy, here are tips to develop a child’s love of reading. Make literacy a gift they’ll treasure. Few kids remember what toys they received or when, but many […] Well this is serious….Do you ever think about what your child is going thru on a daily basis…think about it…all of the thing that are happening right now in Washington…the gun violence across the country…shootings in our schools & church. Plus they are trying to get an education….Man thats hard!!!  In writing this me […]

Via Wkyc: Teens are talking on line with each other about what is happening in Iran and they are concerned. Teens are taking to Tik Tok, which reports 900-million views for videos with the “WW3” hashtag. So how can parents talk with their children about this issue.. CLICK HERE to read story

via eurweb/tmz: Recently Dwayne was on the  Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes’ “All The Smoke” podcast he was asked about parenting a gay son. Dwyane delivered a powerful message … saying Zion essentially forced him to learn about accepting people for who they are. CLICK HERE to read full story

via BlackAmericaWeb: I know brothers…when it comes to doing our daughters hair, we just can’t seem to get it right. Now Shannon LaNier has made a series of hair tutiorials to hep you out. CLICK HERE to read the full story  

  via BlackAmericaWeb: Parents how are you keeping your children safe from sex……Well Rapper T.I. accompanies his 18 year old daughter to the OB/GYN every year to make sure that she’s not sexually active.  On the Ladies Like Us podcast, the 39-year-old stressed the importance that his 18-year-old daughter Deyjah Harris not have sex yet. He goes […]

via popsugar: Did you watch Sesame Street when you were growing up..Well thats a good thing because according to a new survey thats out watching Sesame Street had a positive impact on school performance for children exposed to it before age 7 — particularly if they’re male. CLICK HERE to read story

via BlackAmericaWeb: Dwyane Wade is speaking out about why it was important for him to support his younger son going to a pride parade this spring. Wade’s 12-year-old-son Zion attended Miami Beach Pride with his stepmother, Gabrielle Union. He shared photos of himself attending the annual event on social media, as did his supportive older brother. In one […]