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Cleveland has questions about the 2016 Race for President. We recently told you about what the country wanted to know when it comes to the top contenders for the next President of the United States.

Now, Bill Martin takes a look at what those in our city are searching for. Watch the video above for more on that and take a look at the questions below, courtesy of Google Trends.

Top Questions on the 2016 Election and Presidential Hopefuls in 2015:

  1. Who is running for President in 2016?
  2. How is Hillary doing in the polls?
  3. When are Ohio primary elections?
  4. How much does Chris Christie weigh?
  5. What did Donald Trump say?
  6. What is Donald Trump’s net worth?
  7. Is Ben Carson running for President?
  8. How old is Donald Trump?
  9. Where is the 2016 Democratic National Convention?
  10. Why was Rick Perry indicted?

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