Last October, Multi Grammy®, Stellar and Dove Award winning gospel recording artist, Israel Houghton and his longtime ensemble New Breed traveled far east to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ while recording their highly anticipated new album ‘COVERED: ALIVE IN ASIA’. Recorded across Asia in stadiums located in Jakarta, Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Korea, Tokyo and Manila the remarkable worship experience birthed 13 new tracks. Once again, Israel is at the start of a new frontier. By some estimates, Asia will have the biggest number of Christians, the officially atheist China is expected to be the largest Christian nation by 2030. No doubt about it, Christianity is big in Asia and Israel and NewBreed are poised at the beginning.

Talking to Israel is a blessing. He makes you feel great just by the happiness in his voice. I have always been aware of his great joy at bringing the word of God to the world.  He is humble  enough to realize how special this is. “This project is certainly the largest, as far as scale, that we’ve ever embarked upon” said Israel Houghton. “I’m grateful to our NewBreed movement for always being willing to dream big and take action around this vision. I feel it’s our best offering to date… Gospel is good news- Good News is global. Global Gospel, Kingdom Music is our passion.”

Elev8: What was the challenge in recording this?

Israel Houghton: “We’re always up for what is next. Sometimes you get to what’s next purely by accident. We had kicked this idea around.  We had been to Asia and was aware that we were at the start of soething great. We realized that no one was going there and doing what we were doing. It was just a  great opportunity.”

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