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Flashing Lights on Police Car

Source: Jacom Stephens / Getty

Several streets were closed late Sunday afternoon near Cleveland State University after a crowd of people were pepper sprayed by local law enforcement.

Activists from around the country met in Cleveland for a “Black Lives Matter” conference this weekend. Also in the conference were local activists and even members of the Cleveland 8: the 8 people who instead on waiting for a grand jury in the Tamir Rice case, went straight to a judge.

“I was told the police are pepper spraying people down the street and I’m seeing people run for milk so they can be protected from pepper spray all because people are asking what happening to a young man,” said Rhonda Y. Williams, history professor at Case Western Reserve and member of the Cleveland Eight. “When we have an officer who comes out of nowhere and is pushing people and then takes out and just starts spraying with his pepper spray, that’s not deescalation.”

RTA police tell WKYC they removed a drunk 14 year old from a bus and were about to transport him to the police station.

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