Steve Harvey And Kirk Franklin 2011 Comedy Gospel Tour - Show

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“I must confess that I get very weary of content that’s labeled Christian. It is not because I don’t support work that can inspire people or bring the Good News in new styles or formats,” Franklin, the 45-year-old gospel choir director-turned-songwriter, wrote on his Patheos blog earlier this week. “Instead, it is because I constantly worry that products labeled ‘Christian’ might not stand up to what I believe should be the best coming from people who serve the best: God Himself.”

According to Franklin, some people are giving Christians a pass to produce sub standard content because they brand their products with their faith. The Fo Yo Soul record label head believes, however, that Christians should be held to the same standard as secualr artists, producers and directors.

“The problem to me comes from people giving a pass to someone just because they stand under the banner of faith! The quality of their content should be held under the same scrutiny of any other product that you’re asking people to support in the marketplace,” Franklin wrote. “This type of ‘pass’ causes us to loose a spirit of excellence and the most important ingredient for greatness: DISCIPLINE.”

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