After receiving some early criticism for ushering in a new “trap gospel” sound earlier this year, gospel singer Erica Campbell’s “I Luh God” has reached 1 million views on YouTube.

Campbell, the 43-year-old Mary Mary singer who ventured into solo territory with her debut album Help last year and her remix album Help 2.0 earlier this year, took to Twitter to celebrate the accomplishment of her latest music video

The singer’s latest single has a hip-hop beat and features Campbell using a rap cadence never heard before by fans.

“They’re used to (me) very pulled up and polished and singing ‘Yesterday’ and ‘Help.’ But, I just wanted to have fun, declare my love for God and at the same time reach an audience that I think the gospel community sometimes ignores,” Campbell previously told ” There is Christian hip-hop but I feel that more caucasian children gravitate to it. So, I figured, you’re my people so, let me get with my folks!”

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