Biopics are obviously in demand after the success of Straight Outta ComptonOne that’s been in the making for a while is Richard Pryor‘s story. The Weinstein Company finally revealed who’ll appear in the highly anticipated biopic. It’s a star-studded cast to say the least.

As expected, Mike Epps will play Pryor. Nick Cannon was reportedly in consideration for the role, but he eventually lost out to Epps, who has been in line to play Pryor for a decade. He was handpicked by Pryor himself before his passing, according to Deadline.

Oprah will play Pryor’s grandmother, and Eddie Murphy will play his father. Murphy co-starred with Pryor on Harlem Nights, which is a cult classic for some, despite being a critical failure. Their on-set relationship wasn’t friendly; Murphy, who had a chance to work with his idol in his directorial debut, had to deal with a bitter Pryor who was past his prime

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