We live in a very casual society today, and it’s easy to carry this attitude over into our walk with God. Many are not as serious as they should be — allowing things in their lives that they really wouldn’t want to be there if they thought Jesus was going to come back tomorrow.

But God’s Word is clear about what He expects of us.

Hebrews 12:14 (AMP) says, “Strive to live in peace with everybody and pursue that consecration and holiness without which no one will [ever] see the Lord.”

Does that mean that if you’re not living a perfect life, you’re not going to Heaven? No, of course not. It’s what Jesus did on the cross — not our own efforts — that freely gives us God’s favor. But if we don’t live consecrated and holy lives here on Earth, we won’t experience the abundant life Jesus died to give us (John 10:10), and we won’t represent Him in a way that makes others hungry for a relationship with Him.

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