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Diverted: It’s getting pretty crowded in the skies over Syria. U.S planes attacking ISIS. Russia’s planes allegedly attacking ISIS (though they’re probably really attacking Syrian rebels). Sounds like a recipe for a really bad military “incident.” To avoid that, U.S. pilots have been ordered to change their flight paths if a Russian plane comes within 20 nautical miles. That’s why yesterday, two U.S. planes flying from an air base in Turkey into Syria changed flight paths to keep a safe flying distance from a Russian fighter aircraft. That’s the first time it’s happened since Russia started military operations in Syria last month.


Realness: Who knew that an Australian-born media mogul could be such an expert on black America? Rupert Murdoch definitely knows a “real” black president when he sees one, at least that’s what he said in a tweet yesterday that rocketed around the world. In the tweet, Murdoch expressed admiration for GOP hopeful Ben Carson, implying that the former neurosurgeon was somehow more racially authentic than the current White House occupant. In a follow-up tweet, Murdoch pointed to a magazine article that exposed “minority community disappointment” with Obama. Murdoch’s comments were widely denounced; he hasn’t responded to the backlash.


Suspended: The search is over for the El Faro. The U.S. Coast Guard called off its searchyesterday, nearly a week after the cargo ship disappeared as Hurricane Joaquin was bearing down on it. The president of the company that owned the El Faro promised to help those affected by the tragedy. The NTSB has requested that a salvage unit of the U.S. Navy head to the search site to undertake underwater surveying.

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