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Chanté Moore in Unsung


“I think Chanté exemplifies the title Unsung,” says Jermaine Dupri’s father, Michael Mauldin, who once managed Chanté Moore. And he definitely has a strong argument. It’s hard to see how Moore—stunningly beautiful, with a pleasant personality, down-to-earth demeanor, killer vocals and strong songwriting chops—didn’t drown in gold and platinum plaques. After all, quite a few other singers who are far less capable have certainly managed more.

“She has octaves that only the likes of Minnie Riperton and Mariah Carey can hit,” proclaims Moore’s manager, Cheryl Cobb-DeBrosse. Kurupt—yes, from the Dogg Pound, out of Snoop Dogg’s camp—rightfully notes that Moore’s “voice separates her from the pack” and humorously teases, “Don’t break the glass, Chanté,” to fully convey the power of her gift. Yet “Chanté’s Got a Man” is Chanté’s biggest hit.

Despite dutifully outlining her career and the many players in it—most notably the impact of record producer and label honcho Louis Silas, who relentlessly supported and championed her—Unsungnever fully addresses exactly why Moore, 48, never took over. Truthfully, the show seems perplexed by the very prospect of it all. What it does deliver, however, is an intimate portrait of Moore that paints her as an everyday woman. In this age of carefully cultivated media images and public personas, that in itself is refreshing.

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