Sing Jekalyn! Sing!  Those were just some of the chants coming from the crowd as Jeklayn Carr performed during her first live recording at the Light of Glory Church in Memphis, TN.

Already, the project, with the Lunjeal Music Group is being called her best work yet with the title, “The Life Project” as fans poured out of the church with rave reviews.

Those in attendance came in from all across the country, as they packed the church to support Jekalyn’s first live recording.   Already some of the crowd have already started selecting which song is their favorite.

One of the absolute favorite songs for the evening that appeared to impact everyone was “You’re Bigger”.  The anointing really fell during the outpouring of Jekalyn singing during this time.

Needless to say but this was a very important and also intimate evening for Jekalyn and her guests, as they were able to experience her ministry personally and many for the first time.

She was personable, connected with the crowd and showed that she is growing up in many ways which was easily revealed as her maturity could easily be seen in her spiritual gifts, ministry and performance presentation.  Jekalyn really gave her all as she performed back to back songs that were heart felt and touching.

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