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2014 Ford Neighborhood Awards Hosted By Steve Harvey

Source: Moses Robinson / Getty

Steve Harvey’s white college roommates moved out because he is black, he said during a recent episode of his television show.“

I grew up in an all-black neighborhood. The first time I had any real dealings with whites on a regular basis was at Kent State University, when I walked into a room and I had three white roommates,” the author, host and business entrepreneur said during a recent episode of his talk show.

“Two weeks later, after sharing space with these guys, I happened to be walking through the lobby. All three of my roommates were in line. I didn’t know what the line was so I walked up to them. I said, ‘hey what are y’all signing up for?”

The roommates avoided eye contact, and Harvey realized they were in line to change room assignments.

“That kind of hurt me a little bit. I went ‘Damn, man, Y’all just don’t want to live with me?”

One roommate, now an attorney Harvey says he remains friends with, responded: “I just don’t know how to live with a black person…but he said, ‘can we still be friends?’ I said, ‘For sure.’ I learned a valuable lesson from them guys and I think they learned something from me. You know what I did? I forgave them.”


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