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Jennifer Garner portrayed an incredulous mother in a new trailer released on Wednesday for her upcoming Christian drama Miracles From Heaven.

The 43-year-old actress portrays Texas mother Christy Beam in the movie based on Beam’s memoir of the same name that was released earlier this year.

The trailer opened with Christy enjoying a pizza picnic with her daughters and husband portrayed by 41-year-old New Zealand actor Martin Henderson.

‘Mommy! Mommy! It hurts,’ screamed her daughter Anna, portrayed by 11-year-old Kylie Rogers, as their idyllic family life suddenly turned upside down.

Christy was then shown seeking medical help for her daughter who suffers from a pseudo-obstruction motility disorder that leaves her unable to eat and relying on feeding tubes for nutrition.

‘I’m not leaving this hospital until I know what’s wrong with my daughter,’ Christy proclaimed in a Texas twang.

‘There’s no cure for Anna’s condition,’ a doctor solemnly told Christy.

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