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Barbarians at the gate: In sunnier times, the French called it joie de vivre — a carefree enjoyment of life. These days, they have another expression: mal au coeur — nausea and heartache. Sure, schools are open today, as is the stock market. But all the Christmas markets in town are shuttered. And cops are everywhere. Paris is battered and bruised after its deadliest attack since World War II. It’ll pick itself up, dust itself off and soldier on. But it’ll take time. The wounds are raw; the manhunt is still on — 150 raids since Friday


Feel the Bern: In case you didn’t watch the Democratic debate (and so few of you did), you missed Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton really going at it. Clinton claimed Sanders’ vote gave the gun lobby more power. Sanders accused Clinton of being in Wall Street’s pocket. But the sound bite that’ll come back to bite was Clinton’s own doing — when she said she is “from the ’60s.” Ditto for Martin O’Malley, who said he was “untested.” Those attack ads will write themselves.


Two steps forward, three steps back: Friday morning, pundits were pontificating whether ISIS was on the ropes. “Jihadi John” was probably dead; Sinjar had been reclaimed. How wrong we were! Now, the conversation has shifted to how the world should respond. Continue with the nuanced approach or drive a stake in ISIS’ heart? French President Francois Hollande vowed a “merciless” response and followed through with 20 bomb drops in Raqqa, the caliphate’s capital, last night. But as one analyst put it: You can’t wipe out an ideology.

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