All the sweet aroma of Thanksgiving food makes everyone eager to eat each year. With these tips, you’ll be ready to feed them in a timely manner.

Every year, you tell yourself you’re going to get Thanksgiving dinner on the table on time. But you end up faithfully behind schedule.

Here are EEW Magazine’s Top 5 tips to help you make sure you serve up a scrumptious meal with no delays.

1. Make sure you have all your ingredients. Forgetfulness costs you precious time. There’s nothing worse than getting ready to prepare your mac-n-cheese, only to realize you have no eggs. Double-check all the ingredients in your fridge and cabinets. Don’t assume you have it only to realize you don’t at the moment you really need it.

2. Start cooking on time. If you know it takes 4-5 hours to cook that ham, don’t pop it in the oven at 11:00 in the morning for a 2:00 dinnertime. I’ve seen family members do this as guests starve waiting for an entrée that was put on the stove too late.

3. Don’t depend on the chronically late relative. There’s nothing worse than having a family member who can throw down on the candied yams but is 4 hours late to everything. If someone is talented in the kitchen, but fails in the punctuality area, don’t assign them to cook anything central to your meal. Let them bring a pie or something that isn’t on the must-have list for the main course.

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