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It might be the season of giving, but it’s also been a year of taking away. Scammers have been hitting Clevelanders and now there’s a list of the top 5 scams in northeast Ohio for 2015.

We have interviewed people who’ve lost thousands this year and now the Better Business Bureau has its “Scam Tracker” list out.

The number-one reported scam is IRS related calls. We just did a story about a woman from northeast Ohio who lost $1,900.The IRS will never call you and never threaten you with prosecution or jail time.

Fake government grants is second. People have gotten contacted a ton in the past year about these kinds of scams.

Third is sweepstakes; just this fall we interviewed a woman from our area whose mother was scammed out of $45,000. The mom was promised a huge prize from Publisher’s Clearing House so the elderly woman kept sending money in various ways including taping cold hard cash into a book and mailing it off.

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