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Hey, let me let you in on a little secret: Sleep is actually just as important as eating, drinking water and breathing. Without sleep you stand the chance of dealing with some pretty critical consequences..some as serious as death. According to a Harvard Medical School study, “sleeping less than five hours a night increases the risk of death from all causes by about 15 percent.” During sleep your body is resting and repairing itself, and at a young age sleep is the time for bodily and mental growth. Without the proper amount of sleep you could really be doing yourself a disservice.

1. Your Brain 

At bedtime one might think that they are turning their brain off FINALLY, but you’d be surprised to know that your brain is still steady at work while you rest. During sleep the brain actually works to build new pathways for neurons. Without time to do this, the brain is left feeling very exhausted. Everything will just feel hard to do. Learning is especially not going to be the easiest without a good night’s rest. Your short term and long term memory will be dramatically impacted and your mood will be poorly regulated.

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