God’s Not Dead 2 draws on today’s headlines for an inspiring depiction of what it takes to defend religious liberty

As atheists deny God’s existence, faith-based filmmakers are out to prove it.

God’s Not Dead 2, the Pure Flix sequel to the highest-grossing indie faith film of 2014 comes to theaters April 1, 2016 – on what some may think is an “unconventional” release date – because it’s the day recognized as National Atheists’ Day.

The ripped-from-the-headlines plot deals with current cultural and governmental infringements on religious liberties seen almost daily in the news.

The film focuses on a Christian teacher (Melissa Joan Hart) who must fight for her job and her reputation when she mentions Jesus while answering a student’s question in her public-school classroom.

Her refusal to apologize leads school district officials to enlist a zealous civil liberties group to find her guilty of violating the separation of church and state.

Robin Givens stars in ‘God’s Not Dead 2’ (Photo Credit: Pure Flix)

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