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Family prayer is essential to raising a holy family, but many families struggle with this task. At times in our own family life, we have done a very poor job of regular prayer time with our children.

Today the scriptures focus on family prayer as it is ‘Holy Family Sunday’.  Family prayer has taken a hit in our daily  fast paced lives. We are overwhelmed with the demands of our schedules and financial pressures.

The temptation to give up completely was very real, but our Lord shows us by his example in the scriptures, that it is precisely at those times in our lives when we feel the most stress or pressure that we should have recourse to prayer.  Jesus prayed often with his disciples and instructed his followers in how to pray.

One of the best tools I have ever seen is  one which uses the hand to explain how to pray.

• Pinky — Confession (1 John 1:9): Agreeing with God about my sin

 Ring — Petition(1 Samuel 1:27; Samuel asked of God): Asking God for my needs

• Middle — Intercession(Ephesians 6:18-19): Praying for others

• Index — Thanksgiving(Ephesians 5:20): Thanking God for what He has done for me

• Thumb — Praise(Psalm 146:1-2): Voicing my wonder about who God is

Take your time. Each day try to tackle one of the above. It is better to start small.


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