Article By Dianna Hobbs // Purity

I was heartbroken for her as I read her message.


A 34-year-old woman requesting prayer sent me an email. She had abstained from sex all her life. Waiting until marriage was her goal, not as some prize or trophy, but as a way of truly honoring God.

But as she saw her friends and family landing their “Mr. Right,” getting engaged, walking down the aisle and having children, she began to feel lonely and left out.

“I felt like God had forgotten about me,” she said. “It was like my biological clock was ticking and “my dream of getting married, having 2 kids, a dog and a white picket fence was getting away from me.”

Angry with God for not allowing her “Boaz to come waltzing through the door,” she felt her heart growing harder by the day. She told me, “Dianna, my faith was so low. I was so tired of holding out, believing God for my breakthrough and doing the right thing, and all for what?”

Her faith was diminishing. She stopped going to church and focused on making things happen on her own.

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